Precut Full Face Mask For Laser Resurfacing, Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

  • Can Be Used with All Ointments/Creams/ Petrolatum and/or Steroid Combinations
  • Reduces Shearing of Epithelium
  • Permits Passage of Blood & Fluids
  • Breathes
  • Translucent
  • No Adhesives
  • Nonabsorbent

The N-TERFACE® M-125 Mask is a precut, 3 piece full face mask which consists of precut nose and chin pieces and full face overlay with precut eyes, nose and mouth openings.

  • The N-TERFACE® Mask is an air permeable, translucent, high density polyethylene sheeting material.
  • Prevents formation of crusts on newly resurfaced skin
  • N-TERFACE® Mask may be left in place when changing the absorbent gauze, protects fragile epithelium
  • Provides a protective membrane between the wound and outer dressings
  • Patients are able to cleanse, soak and apply ointment through the N-TERFACE directly to the newly resurfaced areas
  • Visualize wound through the N-TERFACE® “Window on the Wound”™

The N-TERFACE® Materials’ unique characteristics provides you with greater versatility in post operative wound care. The N-TERFACE® Material allows you to vary the amounts and types of ointment/creams, soaks and/or cleansing routines for total customization of individual patient needs.


N-TERFACE® Full Face Mask Product Information

M-125 Consists of precut Full Face overlay (with precut eyes, nose and mouth openings), Nose Piece and Chin Piece.